Experts Assert Lassa Fever Infects 4,000 Persons Yearly In Nigeria – Experts

Iduozee Paul, Benin Correspondent Dr. Abubakar Mohammed and Dr. Mojead Momoh have  disclosed that Lassa fever infects up to  4000 people yearly in

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Iduozee Paul, Benin Correspondent

Dr. Abubakar Mohammed and Dr. Mojead Momoh have  disclosed that Lassa fever infects up to  4000 people yearly in Nigeria, while  more than 5000 persons every year because of the danger of the virus.

Dr. Mojead Momoh,  and Dr. Abubakar Mohammed, consultants in lrrua Teaching Hospital, Edo State made the disclosure  at the annual prayer get-together party organized by the Auchi lndigenes Club.

According to them, the only way to avoid the virus  is to have access to information about lassa fever.

 “In Sewden, like other Scandvial countries, their health index is so high, life expectancy over 80 years. And we are having less than 50 years. The difference is information, we must have the information first before we think of the health facilities and others. That is why  we must know what lassa fever is today. Lassa fever is endemic in our areas and Edo state falls along the lassa fever birth.

‘’It is vital to know what lassa fever is, how to contact it, and the common symptoms associated to the disease like malaria fever. Beyond that, Lassa fever is an acute viral lmoradic fever. The functional words are virus, imoragic and fever. A virus is one of those organisms that causes diseases. In that group, we have Ebola fever, yellow fever, etc.

“Bacteria is one of these disgusting organisms. Bacteria causes  pneumonia, gonorrhea;what is important is that we must know the common silent symptoms of lassa fever.  

‘’What  lassa fever means generally is an increase in body temperature. The problem with the virus  is that they are very difficult to  handle. Most time, it runs a cause, and is a simple carter kind of disease. We do not have treatment to cure the virus either it goes into the body of the patients or kills the patients.

“The hemorrhagic is a type of fever caused by virus through vomiting as a result of diarrhea. Instead of the patient to look healthy, he continues to bleed. Lassa fever was first discovered in Nigeria in Bauchi, in a town called Lassa. In the cause of carrying out their duties, two health workers died, they contacted the fever and started bleeding along the line they died. After much research about the mysterious death of the health workers, it was discovered that they died as a result of lassa fever.”

“Going to 50 years now the disease was discovered in the nation. We just marked 50 years of lassa fever in Nigeria that the virus has infected up to four thousand persons yearly, and more than five thousand persons every year, which is very bad.”

“The good thing is that more than 80 per cent  of people who came in contact with the disease may not manifest any symptoms, while 20 percent will develop serious symptoms and one per cent ;will die. The worst aspect is the pregnant women; pregnant women are at risk of the virus.  Also, more than 50 per cent to 80 per cent become fatter and much more than one per cent die. For pregnant women, a lot of them will have an abortion which is protective for them,’’ said Mohammed.

 Dr. AbubakarMohammed , a Radiology consultant  at lrrua Teaching Hospital said within one week to 21 days the symptoms occur causing it to manifest through the body. He disclosed that some of causes and mode of transmission are;  burning of bush that breed rats, especially female rats who infect our food, such as garri, water and other foods.

The medical experts outlined some symptoms associated with  lassa fever, as regular vomiting, deafness, body weakness, increase in body temperature, headache, sore throat, hearing impairment and the virus affect all systems in the body.

According to them, the disease can be prevented by regular cleaning of the environment, washing of hands/plates, sweeping of kitchen, using rat poison to kill all insects in the house, storage of food, spraying of rooms always among others. He said lassa fever can be cured if detected early noting that the vaccine has not been invented yet.

In his speech, the chairman of Auchi Indigenes Club, Alhaji Ikharo Duada, said the essence of the reunion party is to thank God for promoting their members in various careers who distinguished themselves.

 He said: “Many of us are promoted in our businesses and careers. We also use the medium to bring our wives and families to come and celebrate with us. We equally give scholarships to members. We decided to launch the scholarship forms because we know there are many of our members who cannot meet up to their needs, but are committed to meetings.’

 “We need to encourage them, charity they says, begins at home. We budgeted for five persons, but some members saw the initiative as good and sponsored seven additional persons, making it 12 slots. Unfortunately only five persons applied, next year by the grace of God more people will apply,’’ he stated.