Uroghide Extols Media On His Achievements, Vows To Use His Allowances To Sponsor Poor If Voted In

lduozee Paul, Benin  The Senator representing Edo South  Senatorial district, in  the Federal consistency,  Senator Matthew Asag

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lduozee Paul, Benin

 The Senator representing Edo South  Senatorial district, in  the Federal consistency,  Senator Matthew Asagbonroba Uroghide has extolled journalists and media professionals in the state for their support.He said if not for their support since he became a lawmaker, he would have not be able to execute most of his projects, just as he appealed that if voted in again he will use his allowances to sponsor the poor and  needy in Edo state.

 He promised to do more if elected for a second term.

 The policymaker made the statement when he visited the Edo  state Council of the Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ), to present his score card; and said most of the projects he initiated came as a result the committees he supervised in the federal  House.

According to him, since he came into the Senate he has initiated vital projects in 61 wards, out of
the 77 wards in Edo South district, with solar-power d street lights, paid school fees for close to 263 students,  89 of whom are in public schools and these are  across all tribes in the state.

 “l have come here to meet you. l have a paper documented that comprises my achievements.  All allowances l had received, l have used to pay school fees for the children of the poor.
 To God be the glory, l have given 263 of them, 89 of the students are in public schools, across all tribes in Edo state.

” lf my mandate is renewed by the grace of God, l will give more scholarships to the poor, and increase the scholarships to 1,000. For those of you, who will vote for me, will gain more.  lt is not about me alone,  but for everybody. lt is God who is doing it, where I went to commission water bore-holes in Oredo at lyekogba, a 76 years old man said this is his first time of drinking water  from bore-hole, that since all these years he had been drinking  polluted water from the river. I give thanks to God; the media is my partner in progress. PDP is redesigning and transforming every day in Edo state.”

 Senator Matthew Uroghide appealed to the electorate not to collect money from politicians.
“What I have in the appropriation bill in 2018, by the time I finish it, l would have fixed all federal projects in the 77 wards in Edo South. l have worked in 61 wards where l  executed those projects. The least l did is the Solar-Power bore-holes, which l initiated through the Ministry of Water Resources, which l meditated through Benin Basic Rural Authority. Each of those projects cost N13 million, so
 l wonder why people collect 5,000 naira to deny themselves  basic amenities. 5,000 naira that cannot buy chicken, l wonder why people sell their destiny for 5,000, politicians have reduce the lives of Nigerians because they are in power.”
 “The reason why l came to NUJ is to  thank you for your support. Non e of you have write negative story about me. You never attempted to bring me down or do something that will injure my image. Any success story about my life, the media is part of it, even now when the struggle just begins you are there for me.”

 Responding, the chairman of NUJ in Edo state, Comrade Roland Osakwe commended the lawmaker for
coming and assured him the journalists will report back to the public what he had disclosed to the media.

He wished the federal policymaker victory and success in his political adventurism.