The Apostolic Church, Nigeria Port Harcourt Metropolitan Areas Hosts Inauguration/Induction Service

By Gift E. Jonah F.C.T Field Executive Council Members, Apostle (Dr.) J. A. Buzu, field Superintendent (4th right), Apostle, (Dr.) M. S. Udoh, A

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By Gift E. Jonah

F.C.T Field Executive Council Members, Apostle (Dr.) J. A. Buzu, field Superintendent (4th right), Apostle, (Dr.) M. S. Udoh, Apostle, S. A. Brown, Apostle K. E. Ekpenyong and Apostle M. I. Ebhomien (1st right), others
The newly ordained pastors and the Field Executive Council members
Newly ordained pastors: From Left: Pst. Sedo S. Udoikot, Pst. S. Pst. S. U. Udoh , Pstor G. E. Obong (4th left), others
Ordination by the Field Superintendent, Apostle (Dr.) J. A. Buzu, supported by field executive council members
Prayer for the newly ordained Pastors by the Apostles
Induction of the new PH Metropolitan Chairman Apostle and Deaconess E. Ekpenyong
Apostle and Deaconess E. Ekpenyong being prayed for by the Field Executive Council members
Cross section of deaconesses and members

The Apostolic Church, Nigeria, F.C.T. Field hosted the inauguration and Induction of Port Harcourt Metropolitan Areas on Sunday March 17, 2019 at the Missionary Area Headquarters, 19c Orogbum Street, Rumukalagbor, Port Harcourt.

Apostle (Dr.) J. A. Buzu, F.C.T. Field Superintendent and other field executive council members in the persons of Apostle (Dr.) M. S. Udoh, deputy field superintendent, Apostle S. A. Brown, field secretary and other pastors came from Abuja, to conduct the inauguration/Induction as well the ordination of pastors from different districts/areas.

The inauguration of the Port Harcourt Metropolitan and the induction of the new Port Harcourt Metropolitan chairman, Apostle E. Ekpenyong was conducted by the field superintendent, Apostle (Dr.) A. Buzu supported by the Field Council Members alongside the ordination of eight pastors in the Areas-,  Pastor I. A. Ekarika, Pst. B. M. Johnson, Pst. V. E. Osuyak, Pst. G. E. Obong, Pst. M. E. Hillary, Pst. S. U. Udoh, Pst. Sedo S. Udoikot and Pst. J. J. Akpan.

In his address at the special occasion, the chairman Inauguration committee, Apostle M. I. Ebohmien, explained:

“On September 26, 2010, the three Areas in Port Harcourt viz, Great Elekiaha , Missionary and Abuloma Areas came together to form the Port Harcourt Metropolitan Areas under the supervision and chairmanship of Apostle E. E. Udoh, deputized by Apostle (Prof.) E. N. Eyidie as Apostle B. N. Etim competently held the office of a secretary.

“The Metropolitan continues to wax stronger and stronger which increased in Districts and Assemblies in their respective Areas by the leadership of the aforementioned and in conjunction with the Holy Spirit. Within five years of togetherness the Metropolitan experienced a little breakdown as a result of the breakout of Great Elekiaha Area, which paved the way for the creation of Orominike (Miracle) Area.

“With the exit of Great Elekiaha Area, Abuloma Area emerged the new Port Harcourt Metropolitan Headquarters on the 27th January, 2015, as Apostle (Prof.) E.N. Eyidie, Abuloma Area Superintendent became the new chairman.

The three Areas were inaugurated thus: Abuloma Area, 13th June, 2010, Missionary Area, 20th June, 2010, Orominike (Miracle) Area, 2nd September, 2018.

“Therefore, the Port Harcourt Metropolitan Areas continue to work together despite their challenges, having three years of Easter combined services together in peace and unity.

Through God’s divine arrangement, the patriarch of our time, the F.C.T. field superintendent Apostle (Dr.) J.A. Buzu officially announced in a field convention on November 2017, the move of Port Harcourt Metropolitan Headquarters from Abuloma Area to Missionary Area Headquarters as an amiable, broadminded in administrative skills, a great teacher and a visionary leader, in the person of Apostle/Deaconess K.E. Ekpenyong, was transferred to Missionary Area as the area superintendent/Port Harcourt Metropolitan chairman. In this one year, his high level profile, selfless service has unequivocally radiated beyond the shores of Port Harcourt Metropolitan Areas.

And as a touch bearer, his light will lead others to climb the rugged steep of life to find and cling to the Lord and the redeemer of mankind”

He prayed that the new head “will overcome all obstacles of life, so as to lead the Port Harcourt Metropolitan to a greater height”.

The occasion was very colourful and remarkable.