No To Re-Enslavement of Africa …Troop Discovers 2500 Caged Africans, $2billion in Human Farm

By Constance Meju Am seething with deep anger as I write this piece; anger at the Nigerian leadership that rather than transform the wealth bequea

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By Constance Meju

Am seething with deep anger as I write this piece; anger at the Nigerian leadership that rather than transform the wealth bequeathed to this country by God, have turned the once beautiful country into a state of hopelessness. A country flowing with unimaginable oil, gas and other minerals, yet the poorest of the poor.

I was seriously discussing the pitiable state of our youth who leave the shores of this land by the droves every day in search of perceived gold in pounds and dollars only to become victims of slavery perpetrated with the connivance of fellow Nigerians, male and female. I was wondering how this could have been averted had things been working fine in the country. Then a friend  who knows about this my stress, sent me a message by WhatsApp notifying me that a human farm has been discovered where thousands of Black youths, women and babies are locked in cages, a market for human parts.

The report titled, “A Human Part Discovered in Libya” stated,

“The troops of Marechal Haftar have released more than 2500Africans (men, women and children and babies in a very strange farm.

All these Africans were locked in small cages limiting their movements like wild beasts. They were all in a bad state. Some had no eyes and all bore stigmata of gross surgery”.

Recall that last year there was a news break that Nigerians were being sold for a pittance, a low as $37 dollars in the same Libya, a development that prompted the Federal Government  to embark on a repatriation of at least 650 Nigerians through the Port Harcourt international Airport.

These returnees spoke of heavy dehumanization and ill-treatment but pathetically, some despite the agony experienced, indicated they might go back if nothing good comes up. Since they came Nigeria has not introduced any incentive to address these traumatized Nigerians nor created job opportunities to enable those thinking out to back-down. It is not unlikely that some of these newly discovered modern animals may have gone to Libya after the reported slavery and repatriation exercises.

The director-general of the National  Agency Against Trafficking in Persons, NAPTIP, Dr Mrs. Donli  at a Conference by  the Niger Delta Queens last year in Yenegoa, lamented that Niger Delta has a large number of her citizens trapped in neighouring countries of Burkina Faso and Mali trapped as sex slaves and the agency is yet to bring all home.

In China, there are short uploads of Africans being roasted on barbeque stands as delicacies for rich Asians; all these persons lured overseas under guise of business trips by fellow Africans.

The Libyan atrocity is so sordid that these slaves are opened up without anesthesia. “without taking the trouble to give them the slightest anesthesia, doctors take from them the organs that the rich  Western clientele needs….They are denied their humanity and locked up in cages as a reserve for the needs of Western medicine”.

This human organ business according to the report, has become, “an abominable booming business in the Middle East and human farms are becoming more numerous”.

It said $2bilion dollars in cash was found in the human farm by the Marshal Haftar troop.

A black kidney now costs$262,000, the heart, $119,000 and the liver $157,000.

In the face of this re-enslavement of the African, the western press and African leaders have been silent which is worrisome. The loudest reference to this ugly trend has been a warning by the British High Commission in Nigeria which issued a statement last month, warning Nigerians seeking to go to the UK to stay at home rather than getting in only to become slaves.

The federal government, the National Assembly and even the special adviser to President Muhammadu Buhari  on the Diaspora are yet to respond to that very weighty warning.

With worsening economic conditions heightened by serious insecurity all over the country, it becomes even more difficult for citizens to stay back but we have to persuade them to do so because their lives are at stake and their dissemination diminishes our country and continent.

Their desperation should serve as enough impetus to all parents, youths, the clergy, community groups and leaders to rise up and begin to demand accountability and good government. Imagine if all the amounts being listed as looted funds are properly ploughed back into the system, if the budgets are honestly put to work, if there are needed infrastructure in the country and youth specific programmmes with room for nurturing and empowering our youths to apply their talents and skills into nation-building from their varied corners, if agriculture is truthfully  given a boost and anyone interested helped to do so, Nigeria, with her recently announced 200 million population will become a boom for entrepreneurs and the heavy insecurity in the country that has so overwhelmed the federal government that it went on its knees to beg Fulani Herdsmen to accept a staggering N100billion to stop killing farmers and kidnapping people.

Think what difference N100billion ploughed into real development like setting up of micro-factories across communities would have done to improve livelihood, restore hope among the engaged and thus reduce the gripping poverty that has so engulfed the country that at the least provocation our youths are heading for suicide.

This Buhari/Osibanjo government must address this slavery tainting the future of our youth. It must show interest in engaging Nigerians meaningfully rather than adding to their worries by  notifying that unemployment will rise years ahead. Put proceeds from oil, gas, gold, taxes, etc., to good use so there will e enough resources to squarely address the needs of the people. Also, transparency much lacking in this administration, should be the order. The people must know what is going on, how allotted resources are used and this calls for concerted  efforts at following the actions of government by the citizenry for as late Prof Claude Ake has said, a people deserves the leaders it gets. Nigerians have been docile for too long, and while just observing without acting, we allowed politicians to steal the future of our youth forcing them to run helter skater in search of survival. In the process, their dignity and the dignity of the nation and the African race has become endangered.

About 6000 refugees and migrants are currently locked up in detention centers ostensibly under the control of Libya’s directorate for combating illegal migration, which is associated with the government of Fayez al-Sarraj.

In reality however, many of the centers are run by militias. The directorate did not respond to multiple requests for comment.

The roughly 600 detainees in Tajoura are among tens of thousands of men , women, and children who have been intercepted in the  Mediterranean sea trying to reach Europe over the past two years and brought back to indefinite detention. The EU is spending tens of millions of euros to train, fund and equip the Libyan coastguard, in a bid to decrease migration from Africa.

“They know what is going on in the Libyan detention centers but the EU pretend like they don’t know”, said one of the detainees. “Libya is not the right place for refugees and migrants to stay. They should stop bringing back those who tried to cross the sea”.

We must rise and demand from our leaders who prefer to roll in dollars, drive private jets and transverse the globe in search of where to hide stolen fund while the owners of the wealth suffer in hopelessness and unrecorded levels of poverty, to return what has been stolen, condemn this new wave of indignity and atrocity against the black raise and begin to re-construct a new Nigeria and Africa whose people shall be empowered to become the best they can be within the country  and with rebuilt pride, stand t among their peers in the comity of nations aware that no one has a right to turn another into a slave or kill another  for his own sake. THIS UGLY DREAM MUST END!

Constance Meju is the publisher of Port Harcourt based National Point Newspaper and dedicated gender equality and human rights advocate.

#Gender and Accountability